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What is the Best Exercise to Do to Lower Blood Glucose Levels

If you’re wondering what the best exercise is to lower blood glucose levels, you’re not alone. Many people with diabetes have a tough time finding the right balance of physical activity and diabetes-friendly eating habits. While exercise is certainly not for everyone, it can help control blood sugar levels. Listed below are some examples of exercises for diabetics. You should follow these guidelines to avoid complications or harm to your health.

Strength training exercises build lean muscles. Strength-training exercises use resistance to develop bone strength and maintain bone mass. People with diabetes should focus on building muscle because muscle consumes the most glucose. In addition to strength training, you can use body weight to build muscles. A good exercise routine includes walking and resistance-type exercises. Walking, for example, causes the heart to beat faster, promotes muscle glucose use, and regulates blood sugar levels.

A steady-state cardio workout doesn’t require quick bursts of energy like high-intensity exercises. In addition, it uses fat for energy. In short, steady-state exercises will lower blood glucose levels while higher-intensity exercises will raise it. However, it’s important to note that the results will vary depending on your weight, muscle mass, and intensity of physical activity.

People with diabetes should check their blood sugar before exercising. Those with Type 1 diabetes should check their blood sugar level before exercising. Otherwise, they may experience ketoacidosis (low blood sugar), which is the result of a lack of insulin. Also, make sure to warm up before your exercise and cool down afterwards. Besides ensuring your blood sugar level is normal, you should also make sure you have plenty of glucose-raising foods and drinks nearby.

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