Wearing a White Dress to Prom: How to Pull off a Flawless Look!

In the words of Coco Chanel, “White has it all; its beauty is absolute, it’s a perfect harmony.”  And considering all its timeless benefits, it comes with a few challenges. After all, nothing elegant ever is hassle-free!

The idea of wearing a white prom dress sounds all fun and games till you actually do so! Apart from the woes of staining, you also have to worry about see-through undergarments or clingy fabric.

However, that’s no reason to fret; the below-mentioned tips and tricks will help you overcome all issues and gain a perfectly sophisticated look for your prom event. So, keep reading to know more!

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Pick the Shade Best Suited for Your Skin Tone

Did you know there are over 150,000 shades of white? Needless to say, the same fabric won’t suit people with varying skin tones well. But worry not; there is the right shade for everyone. For example, if your skin has a white or pink cool undertone, go for a bright white dress.

On the other hand, olive skin with yellowish or greenish undertones works well with cream shades. And as a rule of thumb, remember that a darker skin tone means you need to pick a darker white shade.

Don’t Forget to Pick the Correct Underwear!

As classy as white is, choosing the proper undergarments always seems like trouble, and most people think wearing a white bra will be the best choice. However, you must note that white under white is a no-go.

Similarly, cross other bright, solid colours off your list. Instead, match the inner clothing with your skin and opt for beige or similar shades. Also, try to ensure your bra does not include any beads, laces, or other forms of decorations, as they might be visible.

Get a White Petticoat for Better Look

When finalising a white prom dress, put your hand beneath the fabric and check if you can notice it, and if so, you need to get a white petticoat. Doing so will ensure that your dress does not remain slightly translucent. Moreover, always keep it a few inches or centimetres shorter than the dress hemline. A petticoat will also prevent the lower skirt layer from constantly sticking to your legs, thus making it more comfortable for walking or dancing.

Find the Right Pair of Shoes

Finally, you are down to the last and most crucial step! The right footwear can add to the overall grace of your white dress and make the whole ensemble look like a dream. And considering that you are entirely void of colours, go bold with red heels.

If red isn’t your thing, go for the emerald green or navy blue shades. Pick metallic shades like pearl, golden, silver, bronze, or copper for more glamour and shine. You can also try booties or leather strapped sandals for a daytime event.

There’s little doubt in the fact that white is a complete show-stopper. However, it also comes with certain restrictions and guidelines. So when planning to don a white prom dress, you must ensure the shade complements your skin complexion. Also, choose the underwear shade that matches your skin tone and a white petticoat to prevent a fashion faux pas.

Lastly, go all out and pick a colourful pair of heels to wear! You can also get a matching pendant or bracelet to complete the final look.

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