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Should Business Cards Be Glossy Or Matte?

Choosing between a glossy or matte finish can be a tricky decision. Glossy business cards look nice, but they don’t look good if you write on them. Matte business cards are the best choice if you have a simple design with minimal text. You can use a matte finish for your business cards, but you should test both finishes before you choose which you like best. Matte paper can be tough to read, so glossy cards are best for black and navy serif fonts.

There are many types of card stock. Glossy business cards are usually 14 to 20 pts thick, while premium ultra-thick cards are as thick as 32 pts. It all depends on the look and feel you are after. Glossy cards have a slight sheen and reflect light, while matte cards are smooth with no reflective patina. Matte business cards are great for text-only cards.

While glossy cards may look great and feel better than matte ones, there are some downsides to glossy business cards. For example, glossy cards tend to be difficult to read when they are in a stack of cards. The glossy ones may also look tacky or old-fashioned. Moreover, they can’t be read in certain types of lighting, which could cost you potential sales. You should choose matte business cards if you plan to write a lot on them.

A good business card will reflect your professionalism and create an impression. Whether you choose a glossy or matte finish depends on your style. Generally, glossy business cards are more preferred by customers. This is due to their lustrous appearance and ability to shield against damage. Glossy cards will also make colours pop. If you plan to include photographs and logos on your business cards, glossy cards are best. They will also highlight contrast on your cards.

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