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Is Social Media Here to Stay? 5 Ways to Maximize the Benefits of Social Media for Your Business

In recent years, the buzzword “social media” has been used to describe a variety of software tools that enable people to share, collaborate, and play with each other. While “social software” remains a favorite of some techies, academics are more likely to use terms like computer-mediated communication or computer-supported cooperative work to describe this phenomenon. Social media is driven by user-generated content, and while its use will probably continue to evolve, there are some benefits that can be gleaned from it.

One of my friends recently asked me if social media is here to stay. He had heard about The Social Dilemma and was intrigued by the sudden rise of’story ads’ and ‘influencer marketing.’ Both of these newer strategies offer brands an opportunity to interact with their audience and build brand loyalty at a low cost. Unfortunately, the impact of these newer techniques is hard to measure across all platforms.

While the internet is great for reading news and learning about new trades, social media has the potential to bring people together in meaningful ways. Social media allows businesses to empower consumers to spread positive word of mouth about their products and services. While many people say social media is not here to stay, businesses should ignore misinformed opinions and embrace its power to build a loyal customer base. The following are 5 ways to maximize the benefits of social media for your business.

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