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How to Choose Best Cabinet Handles for Your New Kitchen?

Handles provide the final touch to your kitchen cabinets. These small handles on your kitchen drawers and cabinets can make or break the complete appearance of your kitchen. While these are tiny little things and don’t cost much, a bit of consideration can make a big difference.

Look for the best black kitchen handles online, and you will find hundreds of handles in umpteen styles and designs. But, how to choose the best handles for your new kitchen?

Read on to learn what works with what and ensure you never go wrong with it.

Keep the Theme Cohesive

The type of kitchen cabinet handles you pick will impact the overall theme of your kitchen décor. So, consider having the theme of your kitchen in your mind before shopping for kitchen handles.

For example, brushed pewter and bronze finish hardware will work best if you want to create a country look.

Don’t Ignore the Overall Quality.

The overall quality of the handles matters a lot when selecting the proper kitchen hardware. The type of material used to make kitchen handles can add to the kitchen’s functionality.

The most common materials used for kitchen handles are:

  • Plastics like resign designs or standard plastic
  • Metallic kitchen handles, like brass, stainless steel, or chrome
  • Ceramic kitchen cabinet handles
  • Wooden handles with natural or painted finishes

It’s all about selecting the suitable material for your kitchen cabinets.

Considering the Finish

Once you finalise the style of your kitchen cabinets, you can easily choose the finish of the kitchen handles. Consider maintaining similar finishes throughout the kitchen.

The finish of the cabinet handles can vary from glossy to matte black to brass, pewter and steel.

Using black kitchen handles on light grey cabinets adds a sophisticated touch to your kitchen. Similarly, the brushed stainless steel finish blends perfectly with chrome appliances and steel sink.

Choose Between Knobs and Pulls

Choosing between knobs and pulls can be your personal preference. Kitchen cabinet knobs are similar to regular door knobs but without a lock or turning system.

Kitchen cabinet pull handles come in the shape of a bar usually. They get attached at both ends to the cabinet door. While there is a myriad of colours and styles available in the market, the idea and mechanism are always the same.

Making a Statement

Statement handles on your kitchen cabinets redefine the overall look of your kitchen. It all depends on the design you choose and the length you want to go. Statement pieces look great when used creatively throughout the kitchen.

Avoid statement kitchen handles if it doesn’t make sense to the kitchen’s overall design. Aussies love the crisp freshness of white kitchens. Black kitchen handles go well with white kitchen cabinets.

Pick the Right Size

Measuring the proper size of your kitchen cabinets is crucial here. You would not want a small handle for a big cabinet or drawer. With contemporary designs, long pull handles of 9” look great. For a more traditional look, go for mid-length pull handles of 5” to 7”.

The Last Touch!

Kitchen door handles are easy to find if you already understand your kitchen’s primary theme and style. Go through the above pointers, and you will understand the kitchen better.

If you still find it hard to find the best options, look for some kitchen inspirations online. Whatever handle you pick, it should complement your kitchen’s décor and functionality in the best possible way.

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