How do I enable iTop Screen Recorder?

iTop Screen Recorder is an efficient and free way to record computer desktop or gaming video. Perfect for creating tutorials videos, capturing gameplay sessions or running webinars.

If iTop appears without your consent, it likely was downloaded via free sites offering downloads. To determine its settings in your dashboard.

How to record my screen

With the iTop Online Screen Recorder, you can record your computer screen in multiple formats and customize recordings according to your specific needs. In addition, this tool includes useful video editing, compression, and screenshot tools to produce professional-looking videos.

iTop Screen Recorder is an intuitive and lightweight program that makes recording HD videos without lag easier than ever. Equipped with GPU hardware acceleration, this software places less strain on both CPU and GPU for seamless gaming and video creation experiences.

When you want to begin recording, click on the large “REC” button located near the top of the interface. This will initiate the recording process which you can pause at any time. Additionally, you can customize audio and video settings and make video calls. iTop screen recorder also captures screenshots of both entire displays or specific regions on them, making this feature particularly helpful if you need a photo of specific parts of a display screen.

How to record audio

iTop screen recorder allows you to capture audio from both computer-related sources as well as external devices or microphones, with built-in audio mixer tools providing high-quality recordings files.

This program offers various recording modes to meet various user requirements, such as full screen, customized area and webcam recordings. Furthermore, its video screen recording tool supports numerous output formats. Furthermore, there are convenient features like hotkeys to start and stop recording sessions as well as mouse click effects built right into its software.

iTop screen recorder is an ideal solution for gamers and educators who wish to create captivating videos. With features such as teleprompter and cursor magnifier, this program makes tutorials and gameplay videos more captivating while eliminating lag with its built-in Game Mode that uses hardware acceleration from NVIDIA, AMD and Intel to eliminate it lag completely. Furthermore, webcam capture makes creating online gaming videos simple.

How to edit my videos

iTop screen recorder is an intuitive video editing software with features to add effects, trim and split videos as well as support for various video formats to meet all of your video editing needs.

With this powerful tool, creating high-quality tutorial videos is now easier than ever! Simply record voice narration, mouse clicks and webcam footage to enhance its quality while using its built-in video compressor to reduce large file sizes without compromising quality.

This free online recording program is also an ideal way to capture game footage and create a heads-up display. The game mode captures in 4K Ultra HD resolution and utilizes GPU hardware acceleration from NVIDIA, AMD and Intel GPUs for smooth and responsive gameplay. Plus you can edit and share gaming videos online instantly – ideal for gamers looking to record and share their gaming sessions.

How to share my videos

iTop screen recorder supports multiple file formats and allows users to quickly upload videos directly to YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Facebook, Google Drive and Dropbox with just a click. Furthermore, its built-in video editor helps make quick edits and adjustments as well as adding video filters, stickers, images from their computer as well as background music to recordings.

Furthermore, this platform gives users access to a teleprompter feature which makes explainer videos even more efficient by enabling them to paste their script in front of them while recording. They can even adjust voice tone as per personal preference.


iTop HD screen recorder also features a straightforward hotkey bar to allow for control over recordings without moving their mouse. GPU hardware acceleration ensures high-quality videos that play back smoothly on various devices.

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