Cheapest Way to Make Acrylic Keychain Stickers

When creating acrylic keychain stickers, competitive pricing is critical. Luckily, there are several ways to apply a vinyl design to acrylic. Applying UV resin, you can seal the vinyl on a piece of acrylic. Then, use a burnishing tool to adhere the vinyl to the acrylic.

Polycyclic is a multi-purpose sealant that can be applied to any surface. It comes in liquid or sprays forms. It is easy to apply to large surfaces and will provide a protective barrier. However, you may need several coats to get good coverage.

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After you’ve applied your sealant, the next step is to apply the image. If this step is not done correctly, the image may develop unsightly splotches, uneven marks, or dark spots. Begin with one side of the piece and work up the page. Remember that you need to apply the sealer evenly, so be sure to do this step in a vertical motion.

Competitive pricing is essential when making acrylic keychain stickers

There are many reasons to consider competitive pricing when making acrylic keychain stickers. First, you’ll want to consider the costs of producing your stickers. Sticker production requires three essential components: release paper, adhesive, and body stocking. When you compare prices, you can see that stickers can vary considerably.

Acrylic keychains are a great way to market your artwork. Not only are they affordable, but they can also be shipped and stored easily. Acrylic keychains also offer a high margin for artists. Working with a manufacturer can streamline the process and maximize your markup. The keychains can also be customized to include a unique design, such as a logo or a slogan.

If you’re considering using stickers as a promotional tool, you’ll want to consider their lifespan. Many stickers don’t last long and can’t be re-used, so you’ll want to choose a sticker company with a long shelf-life. Depending on the purpose of your stickers, you may want to consider purchasing a standard shape instead of a premium stock.

Another thing to consider is the environmental impact of your sticker manufacturing process. While it may not seem like a big deal, stickers consume energy. Fossil fuels primarily generate this energy. Some companies use diesel fuel, while others use human labour. They also use a lot of energy to produce and distribute powerful idea.

How to seal vinyl on a piece of acrylic using UV resin

If you’re working on a piece of acrylic, you can learn how to seal vinyl on the surface using UV resin. These durable materials can be applied to curved surfaces and cured under UV light. Deep Shine Resin by Teresa Pandora Salgado is one such product.

The first step is to prep the acrylic by wiping it with isopropyl alcohol. Once you’re ready, burn the vinyl monogram onto the acrylic. An ideal font for this is available in the Ultimate Crafter’s Font Bundle. Make sure you use a silicone mat to protect your work surface from any traces of UV resin.

After you’ve cut your vinyl design, line up the acrylic keychain’s keyhole with the vinyl design. Press down firmly to align the registration marks. Apply multiple layers of the design at once if necessary. You can also add glitter or powdered pigment to the vinyl.

When sealing vinyl, it’s important to remember that vinyl needs to breathe! If you don’t do this, you may notice that your vinyl will begin to shrink. This doesn’t affect the quality of your vinyl, but the sealant may cause it to shrink over time. Choose the sealant wisely and suitable quality vinyl to get the best results.

Epoxy resin can be expensive, but it is straightforward to apply. Just remember that it’s not food-safe, and you’ll have to be careful, so keep it separate from other items to prevent contamination. You can find different types of epoxy resin at your local craft store or online. Regardless of which type you choose, follow the instructions carefully, and you’ll be happy with the result.

How to apply vinyl design to acrylic

You can use your vinyl design cutouts to create unique acrylic keychains by applying UV resin to them. These keychains are fun and functional because you can customize them in various ways, such as embedding glitter or powdered pigment. Transparent vinyl is handy for keychain projects because it layers well, so you only need to cut the design once. Moreover, transparent vinyl is available in various finishes, so you can use it to create different effects.

The first step in applying vinyl design to acrylic keychain stickers is to choose a colour for the design. Then, load the vinyl design mats into the Cricut cutting machine. After selecting the design, cut out the pieces that are not needed. Next, place the vinyl letters on the acrylic blank. To attach the design to the keychain, you need jewellery tools. You can use a jump ring to attach the keychain ring to the ring. You can also add a tassel to the keychain loop.

If you have purchased a patterned vinyl, you should be sure to purchase it as a single-sided product. Otherwise, it may leave an ugly impression. On the other hand, a solid colour vinyl will show through on both sides. If you are planning to use a single-sided design, you should make sure to use transfer tape. You must also ensure that the acrylic keychain has no coating on it. Otherwise, the vinyl design will leave fingerprints on the surface.


There are different types of permanent adhesive vinyl available for custom stickers. If you’re printing outdoor stickers, you may want to use a permanent adhesive white vinyl. These types of custom stickers are designed to withstand the elements. This material is strong enough to stick to hard surfaces like windows and doors.

A front adhesive sticker is best for windows because it protects your custom stickers from scratches and scrapes. These stickers are also great for sharing product information, branding a business, or highlighting a cause.

If you are working with a calligraphic font, make sure the letterings are not separated too much. Then, right-click on each letter and select “ungroup.” This will join the letters together. Next, select “weld” from the Cricut Design Space menu. This will create a continuous cut.

Now, you can begin applying the vinyl design to the acrylic keychain. You can use any Cricut intelligent or Happiness cutting machine to create these designs. You can choose between a top and background colour for the design and between clear vinyl and a contrasting colour for the background. You can also add tassels to the acrylic keychain.

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