Can iTop Screen Recorder Record for Gaming?

iTop Screen Recorder is an effective program for producing tutorial videos, hosting webinars and capturing gameplay on Windows with high-quality video output and reduced CPU utilization.

It comes equipped with basic video editing tools and can easily share videos to popular online video platforms. Furthermore, it compresses videos without degrading quality.

Record Gameplay

iTop Online Screen Recorder makes recording video games in HD with no lag and watermarks simple and hassle-free, offering an built-in video editor which allows you to add filters, stickers and images directly into recordings. Furthermore, mouse clicks are displayed and multiple output formats supported as well as hotkeys to schedule recordings.

It features a teleprompter feature to help you present your message clearly in self-made tutorial videos or game walkthroughs, as well as highlight important game details on screen with Cursor Magnifier. Plus, its lightweight and user-friendly nature make it suitable even for novice users.

GPU hardware acceleration technology enables more effective video recording and editing, including webcam/microphone capture to create interactive videos for online classes, gaming, etc. In addition, there are useful tools such as video compression/screenshot capability that make saving videos simple; MP4 files are supported along with popular video-sharing platforms flowerstips.

Record Audio

With the iTop Screen Recorder, it’s simple and effortless to capture audio from speakers, mic and system sound sources – perfect when recording narration or overdubs for online courses and game recordings thanks to hardware acceleration and low CPU usage.

iTop Screen Recorder also allows the use of webcams, so that you can add yourself and connect with your audience by showing your face during recording sessions. This can increase engagement while helping create captivating videos.

At any point during a recording session, the toolbar at the bottom right of your screen allows you to pause, resume or stop your recording as necessary. Doodle on screen while recording without worrying about mouse clicks appearing in your final video! In addition to hotkey controls for recording without leaving game or desktop environment; scheduled recording also available allowing convenient use musicalnepal.

Capture Screenshots

iTop Screen Recorder can act as both a screen recorder and screenshot utility, enabling users to capture full-screen or select windows images with its snapshot function. Furthermore, users can add annotations like arrows, lines, shapes or text annotations for annotating their screenshots.

This app supports 4K video recording with various file formats and screen resolutions, mouse click effects and boasts an average CPU utilization rate of only 8% for optimal performance and efficiency – making it one of the premier game recording software solutions on the market today.

The program also allows users to add webcam recordings and layer live recordings over gameplay for a more personalized touch. Furthermore, its premium version enables scheduling recordings so that recordings will start even when users are away and allow users to watch back at any time later on their schedule.

Edit Video

No matter which online games you prefer – League of Legends, Minecraft, or any others – the iTop Screen Recorder can capture them all. Once captured, videos can be stored directly to PC for editing with smartphone apps or uploaded directly onto popular online video platforms.

Record any portion of the screen, whether that be full-screen, windows, custom regions or custom regions as you like, with customizable settings for each. Save this file directly into any format you choose – including YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and Instagram with just one click!


The iTop Screen Recorder comes equipped with a built-in video editor, enabling you to cut, trim and edit videos as well as add text, captions, filters and effects without needing professional training. A teleprompter feature has also been included for those making explainer videos looking to increase efficiency and quality.

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