Alberta Cities with the Most Green Space

If you are considering a move to Alberta, but want to make sure that the city you choose has plenty of parks and outdoor space to enjoy, you will have several great options in the province. Whether you want to focus on playgrounds for your kids, trails for walking or biking through natural areas, or simple outdoor areas to sit and enjoy nature, there are so many great choices.

As you begin your research before your move, the amount of green space in a city can be an important consideration if you value outdoor time. With that in mind, these are the Alberta cities with the most green space:


Since Edmonton is the capital of Alberta and is considered a large metro area, you may not immediately associate it with green space. However, Edmonton’s river valley is considered the largest length of connected urban parkland on the continent, and the city has the most amount of parkland per capita of any city in Canada.

With that in mind, Edmonton would be a great pick if you highly value outdoor and green space. You can head to the river valley to check out one of the many parks and campsite-like set-ups there, or you can head to a neighborhood park, depending on your mood. There are also many walking and biking paths for those who want to get outside and get moving


Calgary is another large city, the largest in Alberta, that you may not associate with green space and parkland, but again, you would be mistaken. Calgary has thousands of acres of parks and parland. Some parks to check out in Calgary include: Fish Creek Provincial Park, Edworthy Park, Confederation Park, and Bowness Park.

If you love bird-watching, check out the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary in Calgary. Calgary also has a few more standout parks, including Nose Hill Park, which is one of the biggest municipal parks in all of Canada, and Central Memorial Park, which is the oldest in the city. Both parks have extensive trail systems buxic.

St. Albert

St. Albert is the second-largest city in the Edmonton metro area. It is known for its parks and playgrounds, of which it has over 100, perfect for any lover of the outdoors looking for green space in their city.

If you love the city of St. Albert and find yourself looking for St. Albert real estate, you may want to look for homes along the Red Willow Park trail system, which connects several residential areas, as well as schools and parks, such as Lacombe Lake Park in the area.

There is certainly no shortage of green space, parklands, parks, and playgrounds in Alberta. Just look to Edmonton, Calgary, and St. Albert for acres and acres of parkland and outdoor recreation space.

If you love the outdoors and are drawn to the province of Alberta, you are in for a real treat because you can live in a larger city while still have immediate access to the great outdoors.

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