7 Tips To Help You With The Spit Roaster

After shish kabobs and direct fire grilling, spit roasting was the third most advanced method of grilling known to humans in prehistoric times. The style of grilling known as spit roasting is one of the oldest and most popular cooking methods. A spit roaster is still a popular cooking instrument after so many generations, partly because of its diversity, ease of use, and consistency, like the method itself.

Spit roasting has been practised for centuries.

Since its inception, the spit roasting process has evolved into many different forms. At first, spit roasters were operated manually by “spit jacks,” or domestic servants, who manually rotated the roasted meat. Spit roasting emerged as civilizations flourished. For a time, spit roasters were powered by dogs running on treadmills, but steam, mechanical clockwork, and electricity took over as time passed.

Do you know what a spit roast is and how it is done with a spit roaster?

Indirect grilling, such as spit roasting, uses a medium-low to medium-high heat source. Whole birds, pig loins, rib roasts, hog shoulders, and lamb legs are all excellent candidates for this approach because of their fat content and structure. Whole lambs, goats, and pigs can be roasted on a spit for more significant gatherings. Cooking vegetables and fruits such as pineapples, cabbages, and onions in nations like Brazil is done on a spit roaster.


  • Get the flames going early on. Ensure that you have a bed of hot coals to cook your meat effectively rather than a flame and smoke. Put charcoal in the spit and let it heat up. Don’t even think about spreading these messes out.
  • Maintain a level playing field. Getting the spit through the flesh is the most challenging element of the process. As well as ensuring it is well balanced, you’ll also need to maintain it in the centre of the roaster to ensure an even cook. Before driving the spit through the meat, use a long and pointed object and make a hole at either end of the meat. To ensure that the spit is inserted uniformly, make it simpler to penetrate the meat.
  • Take your time, and don’t rush. Spit roasting is a slow-cooking technique. The revolving spike must be centred in the middle of your meat for it to be stable. Spit Roasters worldwide recommend one hour of cooking time for every kilogramme of meat as a general rule of thumb.
  • Purchasing a meat thermometer is a wise investment. When cooking chicken or pork, it’s critical to do this test to see if the meat is done all the way through before removing it from the oven.
  • The best marinade is homemade. Make your marinade and use it to bast the meat while it cooks. Lemon, garlic, oregano, and red wine are some of the most popular spices in spit roasting.
  • Rest your meat before cooking it. Once the meat has been removed from the roast, let it rest for about 10 minutes. To ensure that all your marinade doesn’t go to waste, you should do this before carving it up.
  • Prepare the gravy. Use a drip pan to collect the flavour of the meat while it cooks in the Spit roast. Add water to the drip pan to keep the flavour from burning, but keep a watch on it, so it doesn’t boil. Add a bit more flavour and a few spices for the perfect gravy for your roast.

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